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Our Vision

The vision for the optimization of the health status of the community is to create a leading, professional nursing service including quality nurses with good skills and attitudes based on socially and economically developed innovative knowledge as suited for the modern world.

Our Mission

(01)  To secure the nursing education, building a good environment where there are the physical and human resources those are essential for the nursing education.

(02)  To establish a quality nursing service through the development of knowledge and attitudes of the nurses.

(03)  To protect the rights and the benefits of the nurses and being alertness.

(04)  To bring the economical status of the nurses to a good standard.

(05)  To interfere with the professional problems of the nurses and assist to solve them as well as being appeared in legal affaires.

(06)  To assert a leading health service through the maintenance of a better interpersonal relationship among the health care personal.

(07)  To take necessary steps to transmit the best effect (result) equally for each other through the reestablishment of the independent health service and community health nursing. Then the unique functions of the nurse as “prevention of health, prevention of illness, restoring health, alleviating suffering and rehabilitation” can be fulfilled for the community.

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Nursing News

Nuersing News


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Nursing Act & Circulars.

Nuersing Act & Circulars

Nursing Act & Circulars.

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Special Letter

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Union History

Union History

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Future Plan

Future Plan

ACNU Association presented its intended future programme at its inaugural meeting.

  • Nursing education.
  • Improving the quality of the service.
  • etc...